If the poor kid can’t come to education,
EDUCATION must go to him.

-- Swami Vivekanand --

This is where
Education on Wheels comes in

We initiated India's first Mobile School for deprived children.
Through this innovative concept we attempt to reach the grass root level where education is not reachable.
This Mobile School is well equipped with the educational material like Black Board, Books, Audio Visual Aids, Laboratory, Library, Computer etc.
At a time approximately 35 students can accommodate in this bus.

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Concept and founder
Director :
Sachin Joshi

He is a renowned education activist, well known for his innovation in the field of education.
India's first mobile school, “Education on Wheels” for undeprivileged children is initiated by him. Limca Book of Records has awarded him for his social contributions & innovations to spread literacy among underprivileged children.
His endeavour is to bring “Out of school children” into the main stream.
Till  date his efforts have brought more than three thousand underprivileged children in the mainstream and they are the first generation of their families to receive education.
He has also developed Mobile App for Identification of Out of School Children.
He is also the Founder Director of Espalier Experimental School and Espalier Heritage School which are based on Experiential Learning.
He is very popular amongst  students, parents and teachers for his seminars , workshops and training sessions.
His articles on Education, Parenting and spreading Social awareness are regularly published in various newspapers.

He has authored many books and is a regular blogger.

In India more than 8 crore children
do not reach  to classrooms

There are many reasons for not attending school like child labour, taking care of siblings, domestic responsibility, both the parents are labours, unavailability of school in near by area, superstition regarding girl's education, unavailability of transport.
But the most crucial aspect is that these socially deprived people don't realize  the importance and power of education.
Through this mobile school we go to slum and conduct the school there itself and create their interest to pursue education and bring them into main stream .

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Education on Wheels
India's first
mobile school
certified by
Limca Book of Records.

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