The Founder and Director

education on wheels founder and director sachin joshi

In Indian social system we consider education as the foundation of the all-round development of the person. Our Ex President Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam said, "If we want to make India a Super Power we need to work harder on three people: Student, Teacher and Parent as these three will play a major Role to create a future India of our dreams."

Inspired by these words Education activist Mr. Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi stepped into the field of education and started working towards his aim.  

Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi, a person who failed several unit tests in school now holds seven degrees in various subjects from Pune University.   

In spite of getting attractive offers from renowned companies he did not take up a job in multi-national companies but chose to start a “School for Failures.”  

After proving his mettle to change the perception of people towards failure he expanded his vision and dreamt of taking education out of classroom boundaries. He made his mission to replace black board teaching with real life experiences.  

At a very young age Mr. Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi has done a remarkable work in the field of education which has been recognized worldwide.  

To acknowledge his contribution in the field of education he was invited by the European Council  for the World Forum of Democracy.  He is the First Indian to give a speech on Education in the European Parliament.   

He has also worked on many novel concepts and started India's first "Mobile School” for under privileged children.   

He is the founder and Director of the unique concept of “Education on Wheels” for which he has been awarded by the Limca Book of World Records.   

He felt miserable to see children deprived of education and then he took an initiative of bringing children who had never attended school into the mainstream of education through his campaign “Every Child Counts”.  

Under this project 6500 children were admitted in different Municipal and Government Schools .  

He also educationally adopted 300 girl students from Sayyed community and what makes it further most special is the fact that this is the first generation of the Sayyed community to receive formal education. 

 He designed a mobile app to identify “Out Of School” children all over India.  

He is the founder director of Espalier- The Experimental School” which is a combination of Gandhi and Einstein Philosophy.   

This Experimental school has been awarded as “The Most Innovative School” as well as The Best Experiential School in India.  

A world Organisation "Design For Change" has honoured the most prestigious "I can Award" to the Espalier school and bestowed "Edu Hero Award" to Sachin Joshi for his techniques of innovation in education.  

Recently he has established Espalier The Heritage school based on experiential learning to do innovative research in the field of education.  

Mr. Joshi conducts lectures, seminars, workshops, symposiums on various subjects for students, parents and teachers.   

He has minutely studied the development of a child’s brain and its co-relation with education. His research has been included in the syllabus for D. Ed teachers course.   

He also has the privilege to be an active member on different Government Education Committees.   

Mr. Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi has been regularly publishing his articles related to education and child development .  

His innovative thought of adding his mother's name before his Father's name has been widely appreciated by the society and he has been instrumental in giving a new definition to middle name.  

Taking a note of his commendable achievements great personalities like Honurable Ex- President Mrs. Pratibhatai Patil, International Thinker Mr. Sandeep Waslekar , Senior Socialist Anna Hazare, Politician Shashi Tharoor, Social Activist Shaam Manav, Late poet Mangesh Padgaonkar , Sports psychologist Bhishmaraj Baam sir and many more have blessed and appreciated his body of work.  

He has been awarded with:

  • Limca Book of Awards for India’s first mobile school

  • Education Hero award by Design For Change

  • Vocational Excellence Award by Rotary Club

  • Tejas Award 2019 by Deshdoot Newspaper

  • Best Teacher Award by NMC, Govt. of India

  • 251 Fabulous Global Leaders Awards world CSR Org and ABP Media Group

  • India book of records 2019 for creating Indias first Mahatma Gandhi’s illusion artwork

  • Mind Mingle Award  for Best School of Experiential Learning

  • Singapore Green award

  • Design for Change Awards for social change

  • Design portal for students road safety.

  • Gloria D'Souza Excellence Award

  • Best School Educator Award

  • Education Today Award 2017-18 for Best Pre School & No 1 CBSE school for Experiential Learning in 2019

  • Design for Change (India) Awards for social change in 2015,16,17,18

  • Design for Change Global Award for Right to safe education 2017 in Spain

  • Special articles in newspaper written by Sports Phycologist Late Mr. Bhishmraj Bam on Sachin Joshi’s work.

  • Special articles in newspaper written by Indian Thinker Mr. Sundip Waslekar on Sachin Joshi’s work.

     and many more...