Purpose behind the origination

  • The main motive behind the foundation of this unique creation is to literate the children who are deprive of education, dwelling in slum areas or the wards of construction laboures.
  • Whenever these children are exist our kind teachers & social activists are there to make them literate.
  • We gather these children of slum & the child labours & conduct the class inside the bus for 2 hrs minimum & then the bus leads to its next destination.

Mission & Objectives

  • Our main aim is to literate the children who are deprived of education living below poverty line in slum areas.
  • To confer the education at the doorstep of deprived children.
  • To raise the literacy ratio of India.
  • To introduce modern & informal education to deprived children
  • To introduce modern study aids, materials to the children going corporation schools.
  • To minimize the drop out ratio among the students going corporation schools.
  • To provide primary education at every home & make Nashikites literate.
  • To confer values & morels among slum children.

Beneficiaries of the project

  • Boys & girls deprived of education living in slum areas.
  • Children attending corporation school
  • Road dwellers children
  • Construction labors children or wards
  • Rural Kids